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Grant Updates
Everton FC Veterans' project receive grant
September 01 2020

How does Everton in the Community help Veterans?

Everton in the Community supports Veterans along with others in need within Liverpool. The charity runs various programmes aimed at helping Veterans’ lead physically and mentally healthier lives. 

They work in conjunction with other local charities and run meetings, training sessions and manage football teams to compete in leagues. 

One of the main projects run by Everton in the Community (EitC) is the Knowsley Veterans’ Hub. Knowsley is an area of Liverpool where an estimated 8,500 Veterans currently live. The need for support here is huge and The Hub runs many programmes that directly aim at providing support to Veterans in need.

The transition from a structured life in the Armed Forces to civilian life is often an intense period of stress and confusion for Veterans. They often find that they are lacking key skills that most people take for granted. 

The Hub, much like the other projects supported by EITC focus on giving direct, practical support to Veterans and their families. This is carried out mainly through counselling and introducing coping mechanisms that help ex-servicemen and women reintegrate with society after serving in the Armed Forces. 

The Knowsley Veterans’ Hub also helps improve the chances of Veterans finding employment, kicking addictions and leading healthier lifestyles through their specialised support network. 

Isolation is another problem that many Veterans’ face and have very little opportunity to overcome. EitC offers structured schedules where Veterans’ know they can meet other Veterans’ in a public space, talk and share their experiences. Due to the unique proposition of meeting at the Everton FC Stadium Goodison Park, local Veterans can be drawn into receiving support that they would not normally have sought out.

Johnnie Garside, EitC Health and Wellbeing Manager said: “We have been delivering our veterans programme for a number of years now and our participants enjoy not only great improvements in their health and wellbeing but also enjoy the camaraderie that the group brings – many of them comment that they’ve not had that since they left the military.”

How has Veterans’ Foundation supported Everton In The Community?

The Veterans’ Foundation has provided Everton in the Community with a grant to ensure that the support offered by the charity can continue offering its excellent services across the area. EitC offers vital practical and social support to vulnerable, needy Veterans as well as providing unique sporting opportunities that give purpose to people who often lack direction. 

EitC are well and truly connected to their local Veterans’ community, meaning they know exactly where funding will be most effective. Currently, there are many Veterans in need across the UK and a great demand for support. 

It is not easy to decide what Armed Forces charity to support. At the Veterans’ Foundation, we pride ourselves on knowing where grants will be most effective. As Veterans’ Foundation give large grants to charities, the money will directly make notable positive changes in the lives of Veterans.

You can support the work of the Veterans’ Foundation by donating or playing the Veterans’ Lottery.

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