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Grant Updates
Grant awarded to Bomb Disposal Charity
October 06 2020

How does Felix Fund help Veterans?

Felix Fund was set up to help the men and women of the explosive ordinance disposal and search communities across all three military services. There is a massive amount of stress that these men and women face on a daily basis.

It takes an average of 8-10 years for PTSD and other disorders to hit. Everybody is different, but we’re in the time zone now for people who served in Iraq and Afghanistan to exhibit symptoms of PTSD.

Felix Fund offers a niche solution to what is an incredibly complex set of issues.

One serviceman who is supported by Felix Fund explains “We’ve got a specialist job which requires a specialist response, and that’s what the Felix Fund offers.” Another Veteran, Corporal Oliver Aspinall tells of how he has been helped: “The charity has improved my life dramatically. Beforehand I was on a really dark and downhill spiral.”

Explaining the mindset that Bomb disposal Veterans tend to have, Melanie Moughton says “If there’s a bag in the corner somebody has ti walk towards it not knowing what it is and what they’re going to face while everybody else is being moved away from it as quickly as possible. It has a massive psychological effect on individuals. They’re on call 24/7, they’re always on duty. These pressures can manifest in many many ways, everybody is different. We have people with PTSD and other stress-related illnesses”

How does Veterans’ Foundation support Felix Fund?

Felix Fund set up the Dashboard Program, which is mindfulness training based on stress relief. 10 of these residential courses are hosted for 10 personnel each year.

Veterans’ Foundation’s grants have helped support the Dashboard Program since its inception, which Melanie describes as “a huge help.”

The Dashboard Program gives tools and techniques to people to help them recognise signs of stress. The course also ensures that these brave men and women know that they can ask for help and where they can get the help they need.

To date, Felix Fund has helped around 2,000 servicemen and women cope with the intense trauma associated with their work. For a small charity, this is a remarkable amount of people to have supported. 

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