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Homeless Veterans' charity receive lift

August 13 2020

Veterans’ Foundation is delighted to support Help 4 Homeless Veterans in their mission to conquer homelessness amongst veterans in the North of England. 

How does Help 4 Homeless Veterans help veterans?

As the name suggests, Help 4 Homeless Veterans concentrates their efforts on helping veterans who are sleeping rough with accommodation and support to get them back on their feet. The charity helps on average 50 people each year get into suitable housing. Over the past 10 years, they have helped over 500 British veterans find houses. Help 4 Homeless Veterans is a small charity who are truly dedicated to helping veterans overcome homelessness. 

H4HV understand that there are many UK veterans who are unseen homeless. They are sleeping on friend’s sofas or sleeping in cars. Some of them don’t know where to turn, and some of them have simply reached rock bottom. Whoever they are, or whatever the circumstance, Help 4 Homeless Veterans provide the resources these ex-forces personnel need to start to overcome their hardships.

There are different options made available to veterans through H4HV. Veterans can either be given a home to rent, free accommodation or other situations can be arranged so that every homeless veteran has his or her specific needs met.  

Not only does Help 4 Homeless Veterans support veterans in need with a house to live in, but they also offer continuing support. The charity also helps veterans apply for work or benefits to ensure that they can become as financially stable as possible. From phone calls to home visits and everything in between, H4HV are there to support veterans. 

How has Veterans’ Foundation supported Help 4 Homeless Veterans?

The Veterans’ Foundation is Help 4 Homeless Veterans’ biggest financial supporter. H4HV has received 3 separate grants from Veterans’ Foundation to help the charity support as many homeless veterans as possible.

From directly paying the rent on houses that have become homes for veterans in need Veterans’ Foundation’s grants have also funded marketing trailers that raise awareness of the charity to encourage more veterans to contact them. These trailers also help Help 4 Homeless Veterans raise more money by explaining the need for donations to the charity.

Steve Bantham Bates, CEO of Help 4 Homeless Veterans on Veterans’ Foundation: “I would encourage anybody to support the Veterans’ Foundation whether they’re a veteran themselves or not. Because the money that they spend donating to organisations like us goes straight to the root of the real problems. The Veterans’ Foundation runs the Veterans’ Lottery to raise money to help Charities like ours help veterans in real need, Please support it, and please support the Veteran’s Lottery.”

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