Grant Updates

Veterans’ Foundation Grant Backs Veteran Businesses

November 01 2021

More ex-service personnel will have access to hands-on business guidance and mentoring courtesy of a grant from the Veterans’ Foundation.

A £30,000 award from the VF will not only enable Heropreneurs to continue delivery of their core services, but also to cope with ever-increasing demand from the veteran community.

Heropreneurs directly supports the ambition of many current and former military personnel or their partners through one-to-one mentoring and guidance, given freely by some of the country's most successful business leaders.

“Without the funding we have been fortunate enough to receive from the Veterans’ Foundation, we simply wouldn’t be able to provide the high-quality mentoring programme we are known for,” said Becci Parriss BA, RCDP, CEO of Heropreneurs.

“This grant is literally the difference between the UK military businesses we support failing and thriving.”

The number of beneficiaries on Heropreneurs’ mentoring programme has risen by 40% year on year and many more have been helped through digital channels, networking events and workshops.

“Heropreneurs are enormously grateful to the Veterans’ Foundation and all those who play the Veterans’ Lottery for their continued support of our charity,” added Becci.

“Without their generosity, we simply wouldn’t be able to facilitate and grow the exceptional support provided to UK military beneficiaries by our mentors.”

For more information on Heropreneurs, please visit, and to play the Veterans’ Lottery, supporting many more projects like this all over the UK, sign up here.

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