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Veterans given expert advice to build new businesses after service
May 18 2021

How does Heropreneurs help veterans?

Founded in 2009, Heropreneurs is a military charity that provides practical support to veterans whose ambition is to create their own business.

When veterans express an interest in working with the charity, they are initially matched up with a leading business person.

This is the beginning of the 12-month journey the veteran will be on. The expert they are matched with is chosen based on their credentials and they will go through the idea and help make it a more robust concept. The experience and insight the veteran has access to are incredibly valuable because it is tailored from an expert to their specific concept.

The mentorship programme carries on through the entirety of the Heropreneurs experience. Veterans are put forward by their mentors to access Dragons’ Den-style events where the concept is explored by a panel of additional experts. These experts are expected to provide their focused feedback and insight in order to help the participants reach their next stage of growth.

Heropreneurs explain their Dragons’ Den concept as follows: "These events are invitation only to ensure the right people are around the table for the right discussions to be had on that day.

“Often there will be four to six businesses throughout the day, and they are invited to be on the panel for each other’s presentations. Business challenges range from acting as a sounding board for a new product, how to scale a business, how to work across international borders or approach recruitment or a restructure."

An important part of securing the success and longevity of a business is networking. Making valuable connections with the right people for pushing a business further forwards is key. Heropreneurs runs events and partners with other organisations to ensure the veterans they help have access to people and organisations who can help their business flourish.

How does Veterans’ Foundation help Heropreneurs?

The Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support Heropreneurs in their mission to give UK veterans the opportunity to build their business ideas into a flourishing reality.

Veterans’ Foundation wants to give more money to more charities, but that can’t be done without your help. Everything this charity has achieved is due only to the kindness and support of the British public.

Your generosity is what has given these charities the help they need. Please consider donating today or join the Veterans’ Lottery to support British veterans while also being in with the chance to win £35,000 every month.

Thank you.

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