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How do Hull 4 Heroes help British Veterans?
May 18 2021

How do Hull 4 Heroes help Veterans?

The Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support Hull 4 Heroes, a charity that supports the community of veterans in and around Hull.

As many charities that aim to help veterans realise, the transition from life serving in the Armed Forces to ‘civvy street’ is often very difficult and can leave many veterans feeling unwanted and hopeless.

Sadly, alcoholism, drug dependence and homelessness become very real issues for those vets struggling to find a purpose in life post service.

Hull 4 Heroes understands the vital need to establish support networks around veterans in order to ease the transition into civilian life. Often, being able to bluntly discuss the situations they face, veterans are able to avoid falling into damaging behaviours or making mistakes that could prevent them from making the most of their lives.

Speaking about the grant the Veterans’ Foundation provided during the first Covid-19 lockdown, Hull 4 Heroes said:

“Massive thank you to the Veterans' Foundation for their grant of £10,000 to help with our food distribution to vulnerable veterans.”

“This was gifted to us during the first lockdown but has also seen us through the winter months. We can’t thank you enough for your support.”

The charity has established a network of veterans at various stages of transition, from serving to civilian life. Veterans who have established stability in their lives are encouraged to form friendships with those who are struggling with their lives. Due to the nature of the unique experiences shared by veterans, often it is only those with like minds who have faced similar situations that can connect with these people. This is one reason why a support network is vital for ensuring a comfortable transition. 

Hull 4 Heroes also offers training and education workshops with the aim of ensuring that the veterans who come through their doors are given the best possible chance at securing meaningful work that can be used to establish a life in the civilian world. 

Amongst the notable work Hull 4 Heroes carries out for British veterans in the area, The Veterans Village project stands out. Hull 4 Heroes had this to say regarding the project: “The Hull 4 Heroes Veterans Village project aims to develop a self-sustaining site for the housing and rehabilitation of ex-servicemen and women. The charity will provide a unique place to provide support to those individuals requiring help when adjusting to civilian life. Along with our supporters we hope to create the world's first purpose-built centre that will provide a safe and stable platform for veterans, where they can create happy and purposeful lives for themselves and their families in civilian society.”

To continue helping UK charities like Hull 4 Heroes, Veterans' Foundation need your support. Please consider donating today or join the Veterans’ Lottery for your chance to win £35,000 every month and raise money for our heroes as you play. 

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