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Mental Health Treatment Boost for Veterans

January 04 2022

Veterans’ Foundation funding will enable a leading veterans’ mental health charity to continue to provide a vital service to Armed Forces personnel with severe psychological trauma.

The £20,000 award will enable ICARUS to support the part-time salary costs for three employees who are critical to the organisational activities undertaken on a day-to-day basis, providing free treatment to veterans who need it.

“The tremendous financial and moral support we've had from the Veterans’ Foundation, right from the start, has allowed us to becoming a leading specialist in PTSD and complex trauma,” said David Bellamy, Chief Executive of ICARUS.

“The therapists have been able to receive funding for further training to increase their skills and qualifications.

We have also been able to improve our website systems (ongoing) and processes ensuring better due diligence, record keeping and safeguarding for our most vulnerable,” explained David.

We greatly appreciate the Veterans’ Foundation’s support and guidance.”

Whether it is therapy, counselling or other help required for these vulnerable ex-service personnel, ICARUS provide help for a range of mental health-related problems, including anger management, alcohol and drug abuse.

ICARUS’ treatment is tailored to the individual and from April to March 2021, the charity dealt with over 1,000 cases, including one beneficiary for whom the assistance was vital.

“Gabi is a life saver. Genuinely,” the veteran said.

“I went to her completely lost and found clarity and a sense of purpose very quickly.

After two intense sessions, I had some huge breakthroughs, and I will be forever indebted to her.”

To find out more about ICARUS, please visit, or to play the Veterans’ Lottery and support more great causes like this, sign up here.

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