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Grant Updates
Grant Awarded to Homeless Veterans' Charity
August 27 2020

What is Launchpad?

Launchpad was launched to provide support for Veterans’ who found themselves facing hard times. 80% of Veterans who come to Launchpad are homeless, the charity ensures that these needy service users are given safe and secure accommodation as the first step on the ladder of their rehabilitation. 

How has Veterans’ Foundation helped?

Veterans’ Foundation has provided a selection of grants to Launchpad, the latest of which has been used to ensure that accommodation remained available to homeless Veterans. The grant has also been used to provide essential items and services that are crucial to giving Veterans the support they need going forward. 

Major General David Shaw, CEO of Veterans’ Foundation said: “Launchpad is a terrific charity providing high-quality accommodation and holistic support so this grant will help them to continue to deliver their great service.”

Nicholas Tubbs, Chair of Launchpad, responded to the grant:

“We are very grateful to the Veterans’ Foundation for this grant donation, which will ensure we can continue to support homeless veterans. No veteran should be homeless and charities such as Launchpad exist to ensure the structure and mechanisms are in place to support them on their journey.”


How does Launchpad help veterans?

Over 470 Veterans have been supported by Launchpad since it opened its doors in 2013, 42% of which have gone on to secure employment and more stable lives.

Launchpad operates in 2 locations, Newcastle and Liverpool. The accommodation provided for Veterans are self-contained flats and shared communal areas. 

Veterans are referred to Launchpad via a variety of UK Armed Forces charities, local authorities and housing partners. Launchpad tends to be the first safe place homeless veterans have slept in for months, and frequently even years.

Some of the Veterans’ just left the Armed Forces and need support planning their lives’ next steps. Others are Veterans’ who are dealing with long-term homelessness and are desperate for help. 

Due to the nature of Armed Forces service and typical coping strategies including self-medication of alcohol and drugs, many of the veterans who come to Launchpad for support are dealing with acute mental health problems. 

Launchpad not only offers accommodation and routine to these needy Veterans, they also provide access to mental health support services. 

How can you help support Launchpad?

Veterans’ Foundation has given over £4 million in grants to over 250 Armed Forces charities. We understand the needs of the Veterans’ community and know where our grants will be put to best use. Help support hundreds of Armed Forces charities across the UK by playing the Veterans’ Lottery or Donating today.

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