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How a Stockport Charity are supporting local Veterans
February 10 2021

How does Mode Rehabilitation help Veterans?

Veterans’ Foundation is delighted to support Mode Rehabilitation in its support of Veterans in the Stockport area. The charity offers psychological support to people who are in need including Veterans.

The average wait time for someone needing a mental health assessment is 19 days with a further wait that can last up to a year before that person is able to access any treatment. It is understood that around 30% of Veterans who have underlying mental health conditions do not seek support, it is also reported that Veterans take an average of 4 years to ask for help with their mental health issues.

With over 20,000 Veterans in the Stockport area and over 83,000 Veterans residing in neighbouring Manchester, there is a clear need for mental health support for Veterans in the area.

Many Veterans leave their regimented and relatively stable life in the British Armed Forces and find that civilian life is complicated, unstable and overwhelming. Throw into that mix a family tragedy and a proclivity for heavy alcohol consumption and there is potential for disaster. Sadly, these are often part and parcel of the lives of Veterans and often push Veterans to lose their families and even end up homeless.

The roots of many of these issues can be traced to often undiagnosed mental health issues. Mental health issues are unfortunately not uncommon amongst former members of the Armed Forces due to the extreme experiences they are expected to become accustomed to.

Mode Rehabilitation free counselling and support clinics to Veterans in their local area. They also make other support services available to Veterans free of charge including workshops, drop-in centres, peer support networks, one-to-one long term mentoring, systemic therapy and parent support groups.

Mode Rehabilitation also maintains an emergency phone line which is open 24/7 so Veterans who are facing an immediate crisis or who simply need to talk things over with a friendly counsellor can do so whenever they need.

How has Veterans’ Foundation helped Mode Rehabilitation?

Veterans’ Foundation has provided a grant of £30,000 funding to Mode Rehabilitation. This funding allows the charity to run 300 free counselling and support clinics for local Veterans.

Regarding the grant from Veterans’ Foundation, Mode Rehabilitation had this to say: “With this level of availability we are confident that we could offer local veterans an assessment within 48 hours and the commencement of treatment within one week, thus reducing waiting times for assessment and treatment by 16 days and 51 weeks, respectively, compared to the national average. Our goal moving forward is to establish ourselves as the primary first responder charity for military veterans in Stockport and South Manchester. This funding will enable us to succeed in that goal and we are extremely grateful to the Veterans’ Foundation for this opportunity!”

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