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How Mutual Support support Veterans
January 12 2021

How does Mutual Support help Veterans?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common neurological issue affecting young adults. Mutual Support is a charity that ensures that there is a community of people who are both affected by MS and have experience of serving in the British Armed Forces and their families. Through experience and conversation, the team at Mutual Support have made sure that there is a network that offers the specific support needed by those who suffer from MS and have a military background. 

The charity has a support team who have direct experiences of medical discharges from the Armed Forces or retirement followed by a development of MS afterwards. The support team at Mutual Support is the first contact someone will have once they get in touch with the charity. Often, speaking with someone who can confirm that they have gone through similar circumstances and now live to a good standard of life can be a huge relief to someone going through a tough time.

Once diagnosed, MS stays with people for life. Not much is known about how or why it starts in some people but women are around 3 times more likely to get an MS diagnosis than men.

Mutual Support understands the needs of its members and knows that often, simply talking to other people facing similar challenges can be a huge help. The Charity provides safe places online where members can talk openly about their situation and know they can expect genuine support and guidance when they need it. Mutual Support also offers members the opportunity to meet up in person on their Support and Respite Weekends. These weekends are seen as invaluable and even life-changing by attendees. Experts and health professionals are also in attendance at these weekends to provide lectures, training and advice.

Members of Mutual Support know that the Support Team is always a phone call away if they need advice, to be put in touch with specific professional support or even just for a judgement-free chat.

How can I help?

Veterans’ Foundation has given over £4 million to over 250 Veterans’ causes and charities. We want to continue to give large grants to charities like Mutual Support but can only do so with your help. Please Play the National Veterans’ Lottery or Donate today.

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