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Grant Updates
Large grant for Northampton Hope Centre
September 01 2020

How does Northampton Hope Centre help Veterans?

Northampton Hope Centre looks after homeless people and people in need in and around Northampton. After service, many Veterans’ find themselves without work, struggling with mental health issues, addiction and homelessness. 

During their time in the Armed Forces, servicemen and women have strict schedules and have deeply entrenched routines. Once they have completed their service, which is often years, they come to join civilian society and find that they have very little in common with the people around them. 

Isolation and self-medication, unfortunately, go hand in hand with Veterans’ leaving the Armed Forces. Often ex-servicemen and women need guidance and support in finding a new path once they leave the services. 

Northampton Hope Centre exists to provide support to Veterans in need in and around the city. They explain: “Hope is committed to working with veterans to get them help, advocating for housing and providing all the other support we can offer, closely working with other specialist service charities like SSFA and the British Legion to find people the help they need.”

This support often proves to be vital in positively changing the lives of Veterans. 

How does Veterans’ Foundation support Northampton Hope Centre?

Northampton Hope Centre helps a lot of people in and around Northampton. Unfortunately, there are many people who need the support that Hope provides. Veterans’ Foundation has provided funding for 2 years which has enabled the hiring of a part-time member of staff who exclusively dedicates their time to supporting Veterans’ in need. 

Hope provides Veterans with support in finding secure housing solutions and employment. Northampton Hope Centre has employed members of staff who have military experience in order to provide the most sympathetic support possible to Veterans’ in need.

Please support the Veterans’ Foundation if you would like to help fund projects such as Northampton Hope Centre. Veterans’ Foundation has given over £4 million to over 250 charities, we want to give more, but we need your help. Please donate today or sign up to the Veterans’ Lottery and help us support British Veterans’ across the UK.

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