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North East Veterans' charity receive Covid-19 funding
November 10 2020

How does Operation Veteran help Veterans?

Operation Veteran exists to give Veterans in the North East of England support in the difficult transition from life in the services to civilian life. Due to the highly structured routine that members of the Armed Forces have whilst in service, reintegrating back to society presents many difficulties. 

Operation Veteran understands the difficulties Veterans face and use their hands-on experience to provide practical, well-tested support to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. This support takes the form of giving Veterans access to placements and training within their local communities in order for them to secure long-term secure employment. 

Acquiring employment is a key step on the path to stability - which many Veterans are in desperate need of once their many years of routine come to an end. The charity works hard to ensure employment opportunities are made available to Veterans.

Like many charities and organisations who support Veterans, Operation Veteran have found that one of the most important things Veterans can do is to talk to other Veterans. Often Veterans see themselves as outsiders in wider society. They have generally gone through experiences that most people have no knowledge or experiences of. This can lead to Veterans feeling isolated, alone and lost. Self-medication with alcohol and drugs is a typical response to these feelings which then makes integration with society seem like a completely unattainable goal. 

Operation Veteran knows that it’s key to surround Veterans with other Veterans who will talk with them honestly. Honest conversation often reveal that the problems each Veteran is facing are not unique to them. There are other people who have gone through very similar situations and have come through the other side. Operation Veteran hold Breakfast Clubs which seek to foster positive relationships between Veterans in all stages of transition to civilian life. These events also help the charity to ensure that Veterans get access to the specific support they require.

How does Veterans’ Foundation support Operation Veteran?

Covid-19 has disrupted most charitable operations across the world. Operation Veteran is no different, they have had to change how they support Veterans. From providing emergency food supply to families in need, making over 400 welfare phonecalls, facilitating mental health support for 5 Veterans, arranging for Veterans to drive ambulances to work in food banks and cook + deliver food in their local communities - Operation Veteran has made a huge effort to support Veterans and their local communities during these troubling times.

Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support Operation Veterans with a new grant that will pay the salary of an Activities Co-ordinator who will be responsible for designing and delivering activities that address the specific needs of individual Veterans.

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