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How one charity is tackling PTSD
February 12 2021

How do Phoenix Heroes help Veterans?

Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support Phoenix Heroes in its care for Veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) along with their families. They are based in Colchester, Essex and to date, have helped over 200 Veterans and their families across the spectrum of their service support platforms. 

Phoenix Heroes seeks to implement its “life supported” approach to each Veteran. This is an approach that has been designed through the years of experience of working with Veterans suffering from PTSD. The charity’s Life Support package provides Veterans in need with dedicated and bespoke mental health support. Veterans are guided through their personal challenges and are helped to restore self-confidence and dignity, the Veterans are also supported to deal with employment, financial and family matters.

The charity has helped numerous homeless veterans find accommodation, placed them into employment, helped both Veterans and family members receive PTSD mental health support and built communities all around the UK creating a natural "Peer 2 Peer" support environment.  

One chief tenant that the charity operates under is the idea that everyone associated with Phoenix Heroes is part of one big family. This is nurtured by the activities the charity organises including large outdoor gatherings and carp fishing breaks.

Covid-19 took its toll on Phoenix Heroes, but they used the extra thinking time they found themselves with and made decisions that ensured their survival. Gary Stockton, CEO of Phoenix Heroes had this to say: “COVID hit us hard at the very beginning but it gave us time to sit back and reflect on the direction we should take to survive, some of the projects that we are doing now would not have been successful if we hadn't made some quick changes.”

How has Veterans’ Foundation helped Phoenix Heroes?

Veterans’ Foundation exists to support smaller Military charities across the UK. To date, we have given over £4.7 to over 270 British Armed Forces charities. Phoenix Heroes is one of these charities; CEO Gary Stockton had this to say:  “Many small organisations like us depend on the kind generosity of others so we can deliver our core services, I see the smaller veteran charities as the front line, sometimes unnoticed and it can be quite lonely at times.  Funding support from the Veterans Foundation is a great reminder that we are not alone and in our case will make a huge difference to our beneficiaries.”

“On behalf of everyone at Phoenix Heroes, we thank you for your kind support.”

We want to ensure more charities get the funding that they need, to do that, we need your help. Please donate today or sign up to play the Veterans’ Lottery. The proceeds fund military charities like Phonenix Heroes. We announce 42 winners each month and there is a jackpot of £35,000 that can be won every month. Play for Heroes and join the Veterans’ Lottery today.

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