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Veterans’ Foundation grant gives hope to sporting charity that supports disabled vets
June 18 2021

A Veterans’ Foundation grant given to Team Endeavour Wheelchair Rugby Club has provided ‘hope for so many;’ according to the charity’s director.


Based in Plymouth, Team Endeavour Wheelchair Rugby Club exists to ensure that British veterans with physical disabilities are able to participate in sports.


Like many charities during the Covid-19 pandemic, Team Endeavour has struggled – so the financial support from the Veterans’ Foundation has been even more crucial.


The Director of Rugby at Team Endeavour, Roch Rochester, had this to say about the VF grant: “Hope is the word I would attach to the grant we received from the Veterans’ Foundation.


“Disability equipment is so expensive and puts it out of the reach of many. Veterans on disability pensions or low income who struggle can rest assured they can come and play a sport with help from the VF.


“During the Covid-19 pandemic many charities furloughed staff, sadly our veterans’ injuries were not furloughed. The funding has dried up but the VF has now given us that hope that our outreach rugby sessions will happen again.


“Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel so without the people who play the Veterans’ Lottery there would be no hope for many. Team Endeavour is now the phoenix rising. Thank you all who play the Veterans’ Lottery”    


He then went on to explain where the grant funding will be spent.


“Team Endeavour will use this Veterans’ Foundation grant to purchase equipment and to pay for gym sessions for their veterans,” continued Roch.


“The grant will also provide access to a sport for mobility-impaired veterans and their family. The 5s game that we play is an all-inclusive game so mental and physically injured veteran or their family members can come and play.”

The purpose of the charity is to try and break the isolation of veterans to help them to engage in healthy sporting activities and to socialise again with fellow veterans.

As many military charities have found, sport is a great tool to improve both physical and mental wellbeing.


The charity offers unique support for injured veterans and their families by enabling the friends and family members of injured service personnel the ability to take part in wheelchair rugby with them. Providing access for all to an activity that can help friends and family bond with their injured loved ones.


*Please help us support more British veterans by donating today or by entering the Veterans’ Lottery to be in with the chance to win £35,000 every month.



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