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The Not Forgotten receive grant
September 01 2020

How does The Not Forgotten Help Veterans?

“Could these wasted, listless men be the once adored youngsters, who, but a few years, nay months ago, went so dashingly, with a swing and a song to the Nation’s rescue.  Alas and this was their reward, suffering, silence and loneliness.”

These are the words of The Not Forgotten’s founder, Marta Cunningham, in 1919 as she surveyed the hundreds of injured WW1 soldiers who found themselves alone, in pain and forgotten. She took it upon herself to thank these heroes by helping to ward off their loneliness. She recruited her friends and used her connections across the UK to have these brave men entertained and remembered. 

From tea parties and concerts to walks in the park and letters, Marta and her associates did what they could to honour these brave men. By 1921, over 10,000 Veterans had been entertained. And soon it was not uncommon for injured soldiers to receive kindly gifts from time to time.

Since WW1, over 1 million servicemen, women and Veterans have been assisted in some way by The Not Forgotten. Today, The Not Forgotten run events and activities across the country to add companionship to the lives of thousands of lonely, often forgotten Veterans.

How has the Veterans’ Foundation helped The Not Forgotten?

The Not Forgotten received a grant of £10,000 from the Veterans’ Foundation. This money was used to directly fund events and activities to help Veterans in the UK to feel the warmth of friendship and add value to their lives.

The goal of these events and activities is to “restore confidence, enhance wellbeing, boost morale and improve the chances of the serviceman or woman and their family enjoying a normal, if not better, life.”

The Not Forgotten said: “We are grateful for the Veterans’ Foundation’s support and can’t wait to make a start on our events programme.”

The Veterans’ Foundation has given over £4 million to over 250 military charities. VF is able to hand out large grants to charities knowing that the money will go directly into helping Veterans living better lives. To help Veterans’ Foundation give more life-changing grants to positively influence the Veterans’ community, please donate today or play the Veterans’ Lottery.

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