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How VF support The Royal Marines Charity
September 01 2020

How does The Royal Marines Charity help Veterans?

The Royal Marines Charity (RMA) supports all serving and retired Royal Marines along with their dependents. Altogether, this makes about 125,000 people who can receive help from the charity.

The breadth of support that The Royal Marines Charity can offer is huge. From providing practical support to marines who are injured in combat, to ensuring that there is a pathway to stability in place to Veterans once they leave the Marines - the charity exists to be a real source of support to Marines.

The tagline of The Royal Marines Charity is Royal Marines and their families supported through life. This mantra rings true through all services offered by the RMA. Due to the unique nature of life in the Royal Marines, there are demands that are met by servicemen and women that take extreme tolls on their mental wellbeing. 

The RMA understands these stresses and ensures that there is always the opportunity for mental health professionals to spend 1-on-1 time with Marines, Veterans and even their families. This holistic approach to mental health support is exemplary and serves to improve the lives of many servicemen, women, Veterans’ and their families.

How has Veterans’ Foundation helped The Royal Marines Charity?

Veterans’ Foundation has given large grants to the RMA in order to support the ongoing work they carry out over numerous programmes. Veterans’ Foundation pride themselves on knowing where grant money will be put to the best use. By handing grants to The Royal Marines Charity, they know that the money will be used to directly improve the lives of heroes and their families. 

To date, the Veterans’ Foundation has given over £4 million to over 250 military charities. We know this money changes the lives of Veterans’ for the better and we want to give more.

You can help us give life-changing grants to charities up and down the UK by donating today or by entering the National Veterans’ Lottery. Thank you.

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