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Northern Ireland Veterans Receive Vital Support

January 04 2022

Some of the most vulnerable veterans in Northern Ireland will be able to access co-ordinated care and support thanks in part to a Veterans’ Foundation grant.

Walking With The Wounded (‘WWTW’) have received a £30,000 award which will be put towards the costs of delivering holistic, veteran-specific care to ex-service personnel who are struggling to adapt to life outside the military.

Many of these veterans in Northern Ireland have both visible physical injuries and invisible mental scars from the conflict there that make civilian life extremely difficult, but WWTW provide services to those in need that focus on mental health, care co-ordination and employment.

“This grant is so important to WWTW as it enables us to continue growing our footprint in Northern Ireland by supporting more veterans and their families to access Care Co-ordination,” said WWTW CEO, Fergus Williams.

Walking With The Wounded also extend their support to the spouses and children of those who served, all through communities embedded within various regions across the UK, providing close support that is always available at a local level.

“Additionally, the funding will also enable continued collaboration with organisations we have established relationships with including NI VSO (Veterans Support Office), NI Veterans Commissioner, Local Authorities Armed Forces Champions, and other local veterans’ organisations,” Fergus added.

The charity’s work with many local people makes an incredible difference to so many veterans’ lives, helping them to reignite their sense of purpose and make a positive contribution again, getting both them and their families back on their feet.

To find out more about WWTW, please visit, or to play the Veterans’ Lottery and support many more good causes like this one, sign up here.

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