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Seven Snowdon Summits for Student Supporting Soldiers

May 12 2022

A Northamptonshire sixth form student will be climbing Mount Snowdon seven times in seven consecutive days to help British Armed Forces veterans overcome the mental scars of service and acclimatise to life on ‘civvy street’.

Ben Shearer, 17, will be trekking up and down Wales’s highest peak every day from 24th to 30th July, aiming to raise £7,000 for the Veterans’ Foundation to help those who served with a variety of issues including mental health struggles and homelessness.

The aspiring police officer has always been passionate about the military and helping others, so this arduous physical and mental challenge was the perfect way for him to provide assistance to those he admires so much.

“As time has gone on and I have read more and more books written by ex-soldiers, my awareness has grown surrounding the problems that veterans face both in service and when coming out of the military,” he said.

“One particular aspect which I have become increasingly passionate about is mental health.

Reading Jason Fox’s (star of Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins) book; Battle Scars, made the impact that PTSD can have really hit home, it was especially revealing to learn how many people are suffering with it,” explained Ben.

“Because everyday knowledge of what veterans go through, especially with mental health struggles, is limited, I felt obliged to try and help, and to raise awareness surrounding it.”

Ben will be raising money for the Foundation alongside his mother, father, and younger brother, as well as some friends who will also join him ‘Walking for Heroes’, and their experiences give him an extra motivation.

Dad, Andy, was hit by a lorry and still experiences difficulties from his injuries, while some of his friends have struggled with their mental health – their stories have encouraged Ben to help others and give back in all aspects of his life.

“Although my aspirations are to serve the community in a different way through hopefully joining the police, I still wanted to feel like I have done my bit for the soldiers who have done more than their bit to protect me and my family,” he said.

I would also love to inspire those around me to become more aware of some of the problems veterans face, so that together, we can give back even a small part of the help that these heroes deserve.”

Ben’s ‘Snowdon 7 Challenge’ coincides with the Veterans’ Foundation’s #PTSD100 campaign, which marks 100 years since an official report recognised the existence of Post-Traumatic Stress in the Armed Forces and the campaign is designed to raise funds for charities providing vital treatment to ex-service personnel in real need of mental health help.

The Veterans’ Foundation is one of the UK’s fastest-growing military charities and provide grants to small and medium sized charities assisting serving and veteran personnel with issues such as homelessness, physical and mental injury, employment and wellbeing.

Over £10 million in grants have now been given by the Foundation to 330 different good causes and with the help of fundraisers and players of the Veterans’ Lottery, the VF plan to give around £3m more in 2022.

To find out more about Ben’s amazing challenge and discover how you can join him, please visit his website here:

Snowdon 7


And to support him in his quest to help British Armed Forces veterans in need, please click here:



To discover more about the #PTSD100 campaign from the Veterans' Foundation, click here:


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