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July's Update From Our CEO

July 28 2022

It has been exciting following the success of the UK’s sports teams this summer and the stand-out one for me has been the English women’s football team. They have reinforced the idea that it takes a united team, a clear purpose, good admin and much practice to bring success.

Running charities and carrying out charitable activities is similar; the Veterans’ Foundation comes across many charities that are well run, have a good sense of purpose, and pull together a team to deliver. Over time, with practice, they get better and better.

The grants that the Veterans’ Foundation provides help those charities and other organisations grow and do more and more and it is exciting and heartening to see that growth and the benefit going to veterans and their families.  

Your donations and your subscription to the Veterans’ Lottery enable the Veterans’ Foundation to help these small charities develop and do more to help those in need.

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To date, the Veterans’ Foundation has given away an incredible £11.5 million to other causes and every quarter we now give well over £1 million to some amazing charities and charitable organisations.

As the cost of living rises and economic pressures mount, the need for charity increases and so we encourage you to continue to support the Veterans’ Foundation so that we can help those in need.

Every quarter, our staff and trustees visit a number of these charities and we are always impressed with the suppport they provide.

We have noticed a plethora of smaller organisations that are helping those in need in their local area, much of this essential help being delivered by volunteers and so we have been working with the Association of Service Drop-In Centres (ASDIC) to see what financial help we might be able to provide to support these small but very worthwhile organisations.

If you know of a charity or a group carrying out charitable work that needs money, please put them in touch with us through the following website:

Please encourage others to support the Veterans’ Foundation through playing the Veterans’ Lottery or by donating here:

Thank you for your continuing support and good luck to the England women's team in the European Championships final!

David Shaw - Founder & CEO, Veterans' Foundation

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