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£7,000 First Prize Joy for Veterans' Lottery Winner

April 24 2024

Congratulations to our latest £7,000 winner in the Veterans' Lottery!

Clive from Lincoln was our lucky first prize winner in March's draw and although he didn't match the rollover number this time, it was still an exciting extra egg in his Easter basket.

March's total payout was another £20,100 in prize money to our lucky Veterans' Lottery players and we're about to supercharge our prizes once again.

From the June 2024 draw, the Veterans' Lottery's rollover jackpot will rise to a huge £75,000.

This new £75k top prize means that the Veterans’ Lottery has one of the biggest charity lottery jackpots in the UK, giving thousands of you the chance to win big while supporting British armed forces veterans in need.

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A new third prize of £500 has also been introduced, alongside 100 new fourth prizes of £100.

And if that's not enough, 500 more lucky players can now win the brand new fifth prize - a FREE entry into the next Veterans' Lottery draw.

Winners of this new fifth prize don't have to do anything - they will automatically receive another free entry into the next draw on top of their existing direct debit, with the chance to win two prizes!

The £3,500 second prize in March's draw went the way of Jonathan from Brigg, while 80 further players took home the £120 third prizes on offer with cash prizes finding their way to every corner of the UK.

If you’d like to join our lucky winners in next month's draw, you can sign up to play the Veterans’ Lottery today – you’ll be joining a community of over 110,000 people dedicated to providing vital support for British veterans in need all over the UK.

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