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Veterans' Foundation Support Hits Incredible £20m

May 09 2024

The Veterans’ Foundation is proud to announce that it has now awarded over £20 million in grants to more than 420 different military charities and charitable organisations supporting our veterans in need all over the UK.

It is a staggering milestone, brought up just eight years after the inception of the Foundation back in 2016, and one that could only be achieved thanks to the incredible support of the Great British public.

From players of the Veterans’ Lottery, intrepid fundraisers and those who have donated to the Veterans’ Foundation, to those who have left legacy gifts or even lit a candle on the Armed Forces Memorial Wall, hundreds of thousands of you have played your part.

Whether it is through mental health support and treatment, providing a roof over a veteran’s head, or simply helping to find companionship and camaraderie in one of the many community schemes around the country, Veterans’ Foundation grants are positively impacting the lives of thousands of our veterans.

David Shaw, Founder and CEO of the Veterans’ Foundation, said: “Having set up the Veterans’ Foundation in 2016, I am delighted that we have managed to provide grants totalling over £20 million to date, awarded to a wide range of charities and charitable organisations that are helping members of the armed forces in need.”

“The current economic climate has made it even more difficult for these organisations to raise funds and so the utility of the Veterans’ Foundation’s grants is magnified.”

“The grantees we support do so much to help members of the armed forces community, from those suffering mental and physical injuries, to homelessness and unemployment and much more, so we thank them for their hard work and dedication,” David added.

“It is through the support of our Veterans’ Lottery subscribers and donors to the Veterans’ Foundation - including many people who have carried out testing activities to raise funds for the Veterans’ Foundation - that we have been able to provide the grants, so thank you! Please keep supporting this fantastic charity."

Over 420 different organisations providing vital services for our veterans and their families have benefitted from a share of this incredible amount of money, one of those is Scotty’s Little Soldiers, who provide important support to bereaved children from military families.

“Congratulations to The Veterans’ Foundation from everyone at Scotty’s Little Soldiers for achieving such an important milestone," said Nikki Scott, founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

"We are honoured to be one of the charities that has been lucky enough to benefit from the incredible grants that you provide.”

“Your continued support through multiple grants has enabled us to ensure that bereaved military children and young people have access to specialist one-to-one bereavement support, which is invaluable,” she added.

“You’ve also helped us put smiles on the faces of children who have experienced the death of a military parent, by sending them gifts and vouchers at important times of the year and inviting them to special events to remind them they aren’t alone in their grief.”

“Thank you and please keep up your amazing work.”

The range of assistance provided by the organisations who have received Veterans’ Foundation grants is incredibly wide and another brilliant charity which has been the recipient of funding is Walking With The Wounded, who supply individualised support to empower veterans and rebuild their lives.

Kate Tabain, Head of Fundraising at Walking With The Wounded, spoke of the importance of that support; “The Veterans’ Foundation has been an invaluable partner in supporting Walking With The Wounded.”

“We are incredibly grateful for their commitment to our cause and their continued generosity,” said Kate.

“Their support is key to our efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of our veterans and their families, ensuring they receive the help that they need to thrive with dignity and purpose.”

Many British veterans struggle with housing after they complete their service, but thanks to organisations like Launchpad and Veterans’ Foundation funding, many have been spared life on the street.

“Congratulations to the Veterans’ Foundation on this significant milestone," said Lucy Perriam, Chair of Launchpad.

“Launchpad has been the recipient of funding and on behalf of our Trustees and staff, I’d like to thank the Veterans’ Foundation and those who play the Veterans’ Lottery, for their continued support,” she added. 

“The funding makes a big difference to supporting homeless veterans around the UK and enables us to continue to support and deliver the excellent service we provide for our residents across all three of our houses.”

For more information on all the causes helped by Veterans’ Foundation grants, please take a look at our most recent Impact Report here:

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This milestone also comes as the Veterans’ Lottery has announced that its rollover jackpot is being supercharged up to an amazing £75,000 from June’s draw.

Players of the Veterans’ Lottery have provided a large portion of the £20 million awarded by the Veterans’ Foundation in grants to date and, due to the success of the lottery and the loyalty of its players, prizes are rising in line with official guidelines.

To find out more about these new and improved monthly prizes, as well as how you can support our veterans in need by playing the Veterans’ Lottery, click the image below.

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