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£50,000 Rollover Jackpot Joy for September Lottery Winner

October 27 2023

September's Veterans' Lottery draw came with a real feel-good story as the wife of a veteran who competed in the Invictus Games scooped the massive rollover jackpot.

A huge congratulations go to Mel Young, who was stunned to find out that she had won the amazing £50,000 top prize.

Mel's reason for signing up to the Veterans' Lottery was one that is very close to home - her husband, Darren, served for 16 years as an RAF Fireman.

When Darren's service came to an end, he struggled to adjust to civilian life. Injuries curtailed his sporting activities and it was a difficult time for the family.

However, there was light at the end of the tunnel thanks to an incredible scheme that has received funding from the Veterans' Foundation and players of the Veterans' Lottery - the Invictus Games.

The games not only provided Darren with a purpose and a sporting outlet, but Invictus also helped Mel with everything she was going through.

"It was a massive turning point for him, and for us as a family as well," said Mel.

"It helped me meet other wives and girlfriends of ex-servicemen and it helped me appreciate that, actually, we weren't alone."

Mel, who lives in Gillingham, first found out about the Veterans' Lottery through the amazing stories of veterans that you can find on social media and YouTube and those powerful tales moved her to action.

"I love the videos, I love the stories," she said.

"They're very real, very raw, but I think that makes a massive difference.

"I don't think people realise what they (veterans) see and face when they go out into combat - what they do see can affect them massively."

But why support the Veterans' Foundation?

"I love the fact that the charity helped not just them, but their family members as well, being a family member of an ex-serviceman," Mel explained.

"I just thought £10 a month wasn't going to be missed and it was going to something really worthwhile."

The rollover jackpot is one of the largest possible amounts that you can win in a UK Charity Lottery, so how big an effect will the money have on Mel and her family?

"It's brought peace of mind, lighter shoulders and a few less worries."" smiled Mel.

"I feel quite grateful actually," she added.

"I'm giving such a small thing away, but to have that given to me... yeah, I'm very grateful."

Congratulations also go to Darran from Derby, who scooped the £3,500 second prize, while a further 80 players paid for their year's subscription to the Veterans' Lottery with a £120 third prize win.

Double check to see if you're one of our lucky winners below:

Veterans' Lottery Prizes

The loyal players of the Veterans' Lottery have now contributed a large percentage of almost £17 million in grants to over 420 charities and charitable organisations helping our ex-servicemen and women, so thank you for your incredible support since the Veterans' Lottery began back in 2016.

Remember, even if you've already signed up, you can have up to FIVE tickets in order to maximise your chances of winning the stunning £50,000 rollover jackpot every month.

So, to help British veterans in need and be in with a shot of winning life-changing prizes, click below and play the Veterans' Lottery today!


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