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Beyond The Battlefield are on a mission against PTSD
February 16 2021

How does Beyond The Battlefield help Veterans?

Beyond the Battlefield is a charity based in Northern Ireland that exists to find and assist Veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The charity also works with other charities to ensure that they can effectively signpost Veterans in need to the correct place to get support.

Alongside their PTSD care, Beyond The Battlefield also looks to treat Veterans who have alcohol and drug abuse problems, are victims or carry out domestic abuse, who need help building stable finances and who have relationship problems.

One RAF Veteran who was supported by Beyond The Battlefield explained how she was helped: “I was suffering badly with PTSD and Beyond The Battlefield got me the help I needed. I am so greatly to the team for helping me get my life back on track. Beyond The Battlefield really go out of their way to ensure you receive the best possible treatment and it is important former servicemen and women get in touch at times of need.”

The charity carries out other activities in order to benefit the lives of Veterans in their area include their befriending service. Many Veterans feel isolated and lonely once they leave their Armed Forces life behind. Sometimes, being actively encouraged to build friendships is the only way that some Veterans will be able to escape their loneliness and the walls they've built up around themselves.

Many Veterans are not claiming the full amount of benefits they are entitled to, Beyond The Battlefield make it a point to check the benefits of all the Veterans that they help to ensure that they are receiving everything that they are able to. If someone is going through a tough time, having a little extra disposable money every month can make a big difference.

Beyond The Battlefield also ensure that they do what they can for each of the Veterans they look after has a decent place to sleep. They help Veterans find appropriate housing if they have such a need and help get homeless Veterans off the street.

On a wider scale, Beyond The Battlefield lobby the government in favour of the needs of Veterans. Often it is important to make our voices heard when it comes to Veterans’ issues. The charity has lobbied the government on items such as unemployment and sickness benefits.

A British Army Veteran thanks Beyond The Battlefield for the help that he received when he was in need: “ Many thanks to the team at Beyond The Battlefield for their help and support. They were the shoulder I needed when no one else would listen. The help and support provided by Robert and his team has changed my life and I cannot thank them enough!”

How can you help?

Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support Beyond The Battlefield through grants. We believe that the work they are doing supporting Veterans with PTSD is vital. Beyond The Battlefield is just one of the hundreds of charities that help Veterans that - especially now, during the Covid-19 pandemic - need financial aid. 

Veterans’ Foundation has provided over £4.7 million to over 250 military charities. We want to give more but to do that we need your help. Please donate today or signup to play the National Veterans’ Lottery today, to help fund charities that need help and to be in with the chance to win £35,000 every month.

Thank You.

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