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Care home for Injured Veterans' get boost
August 13 2020

Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support Erskine in their care of veterans.

What does Erskine do for veterans?

During the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, for every dead soldier, sailor or airman, 7 more men and women were injured. Erskine provides a place for veterans to recover, progress and live out their days. Their care homes offer veterans the highest quality care possible. Not simply care homes, Erskine homes grow communities. Veterans are surrounded by like-minded people who share similar experiences which most of the general public do not have. 

Dedicated physiotherapy, nursing and entertainment staff ensure that veterans - no matter what life stage they are in - are living life to the fullest. Some veterans are old, they face the challenges of ageing like the rest of us but also carry pain that many do not understand. Other veterans are recovering from injuries they have sustained in combat, Erskine offers these brave men and women unique pathways to rehabilitation that enable them to push forward and pursue a meaningful life both during and after recovery. 

Life in the Armed Services is different from many other walks of life. Erskine’s well-honed system of care ensures that veterans can share their experiences with other veterans who can understand the unique challenges and issues our heroes face. 

Bill, a veteran who passed through Erskine tells us his story: “I fought in the Falklands and Northern Ireland. When I was medically discharged, I left with nothing, for years after leaving the army, I lived in run-down hostels. Eventually, I was introduced to Erskine, my life changed and I found my comrades again.”


How has Veterans’ Foundation supported Erskine?

Veterans’ Foundation supported Erskine in their building project of 24 new flats. These flats are designed with veterans who have suffered injuries in mind. These purpose-built flats are affordable, secure and situated in a supportive community that helps these younger veterans on their road to recovery. The flats will help reduce social isolation and loneliness as other veterans who are on similar journeys to recovery will share the communal areas. Having an area shared by other young veterans also makes the transitions from the Armed Forces to recovery from injury to civvy street easier to cope with.

Projects such as this are vital in helping veterans to make the transition from recovery to ‘normal’ life. Having the ability to learn independent living - something many veterans have never known - helps improve the confidence of veterans who are facing an uncertain existence. 

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