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How Former Forces Support help Veterans
March 12 2021

How do Former Forces Support help British Veterans?

Former Forces Support offers British Armed Forces Veterans both wellbeing and mental health support. 

As with many military charities, Former Forces Support know that many Veterans simply need to be nurtured in a group of people that accept them. One key way in which Former Forces Support is able to give Veterans this support is through their Wilderness Wellbeing Walks. These group walks take Veterans out of their locality and into an area they have not been to before. The areas are chosen for their natural beauty and the quality of the walk. 

The Veterans take on these hikes in groups and aim to be able to relax into the experience - talking with one another and taking in the natural beauty around them. The idea being that they will leave their troubles behind them and be present. 

After years of service end, many Veterans are forced to adjust to an entirely new way of life. Life in the British Armed Forces is very structured, there is a very established routine that is not often deviated from, there are clear chains of command and everyone around you fits into a social hierarchy that is straightforward and easy to understand. They know their role in their world, every member of the Armed Forces know exactly how they fit into to the bigger picture. Once these Veterans are out in the civilian world, the dynamics they are now subject to are entirely different. 

Finding work once years of service are over is no easy transition. Veterans often find themselves desperate to provide for their family but facing rejection from job after job. Adjusting to life outside the Armed Forces is full of pressures that they often bear alone, they often struggle talking to people about why they are struggling because they don’t know who to turn to. Unfortunately, the pressures they face can be so intense that turning to alcohol and drugs is not an uncommon mechanism, descending into a world of addiction is not an uncommon result. At this point the lives of many Veterans can fall apart, relationships can disintegrate, isolation and loneliness take hold and Veterans can feel hopeless.

Former Forces Support provide Veterans, no matter what their personal situation is with the ability to be a part of a community where they are just a regular person. Everyone there can relate to their own life in some way and there is no judgement. The charity calls this their Veterans Talking Group and it provides a relaxed environment where Veterans can really relax play pool, have a drink and chat to other people there. Often, being able to talk to other Veterans reveals to struggling Veterans that what they’re going through is not unique and that things can get better. Having someone who can fully relate to their own experiences in an informal environment often helps unlock a much happier future for Veterans.

How does Veterans’ Foundation support Former Forces Support?

Veterans’ Foundation is proud to support the work that Former Forces Support provides Veterans. To date, we have given over £4 million to over 250 military charities and projects. We want to give more but can only do so with your help. Please donate today or play the National Veterans’ Lottery to be in with a chance at winning the £35,000 monthly jackpot.

Thank You.

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