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Grant Updates
Addaction Receive Generous Grant
August 27 2020

What is Addaction?

Addaction is a nationwide charity that exists to support people on their journey out of drug addiction. Specifically, they run a program across many local Addaction hubs called Right Turn. This service is aimed directly at ex-servicemen and women and seeks to give them valuable, direct support in putting an end to their substance abuse problems.

Emma Couch, a co-ordinator for Right Turn explains the value of Right Turn for Veterans: “Addaction’s Right Turn program lets us give veterans drug, alcohol and mental health support that is tailored to their experiences, issues and needs. We give relevant practical support too, such as linking them with others who have shared similar experiences and assisting them with housing and financial issues.”

How has Veterans’ Foundation helped Addaction’s Right Turn?

Currently, there are 10 Right Turn programmes being run across the UK. Funding from Veterans’ Foundation helps fund these programmes and sets a foundation for Addaction to roll out further Right Turn programmes in other local Addaction hubs. 

Emma added: “The latest funding will let us improve access to - and continue the availability of - our specialist substance misuse services. We’ll continue to train more staff in the Right Turn model and ultimately help more veterans feel safe to say who they are, what they are experiencing and, crucially, to get tailored help.”


Why is Right Turn important for Veterans?

After a career in the Armed Forces, many Veterans’ find themselves at a loss. Their career has not provided them with the resources that they need to adequately function in civilian society. Adopting to civilian society requires more emotional, social and practical resources than most people realise. It is only when Veterans have to reintegrate with their culture after years of service that they realise some of the areas where they are lacking. 

There are non-Veteran focussed services that provide assistance but it has been found that Veterans have specific problems with transitioning back to society that these services do not cater for. Right Turn provides specific solutions to specific problems that many Veterans face in society. The support Addaction provides to Veterans’ is important and must be supported. 

How can you support Addaction & Right Turn?

Veterans’ Foundation has given over £4 million in grants to over 250 charities. We understand the Veterans’ community and we know where our grants will be put to the best use. You can help Veterans’ Foundation provide life-changing grants to Veterans by playing the Veterans’ Lottery or Donating today.

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