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May 13 2020

Stoll has been providing housing support and assistance to veterans for over 100 years. Veterans Foundation is proud to support Stoll in it’s continuing and valuable work carried out amongst veterans.

Who are Stoll?

Stoll is the leading supplier of housing for veterans in the UK. They deliver supported housing to almost 300 veterans every year, through community outreach another 300 ex-servicemen and women are supported by Stoll. To be eligible for a Stoll home you must be a UK armed forces veteran with some form of support need. Using a scoring system, Stoll is able to ensure that those who most require support are able to get housing as soon as possible. Stoll is able to help veterans face challenges bought about by both their military service and life outside the armed forces. They are keen to prevent homelessness and use their homes as insurance against it. Living independently is something that a lot of Armed Forces personnel have never encountered. It is often a new set of skills that must be developed. 

How does Stoll support British veterans?

Stoll runs an extensive social activities schedule to help prevent social isolation. They also run IT workshops to ensure that veterans can maintain and sometimes regain contact with family and loved ones. Stoll also encourages the veterans they look after to maintain their own independence by helping them locate employment. 

Terry Wood is one of many veterans that Stoll has helped over the years. His story began when he was born in Fulham, walking distance from the Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions. Just after his A levels, he learned that his brother had died whilst serving in the British Army in Ireland. Terry joined the Parachute regiment, just like his brother had and also travelled to Northern Ireland with his new regiment. Soon after, he found himself on the way to take part in the Falklands conflict. During this time he struggled with the pressures of life on the frontline. He was a part of 2 Para who made the first beach landings at Port San Carlos. Terry saw a lot of combat in the Falklands and witnessed many casualties. He took part in the Battle of Goose Green at 19 years old. Terry and many other members of the armed forces found themselves civilians at the end of the Falklands war with no time to prepare for the transition. Terry went on to suffer a nervous breakdown, depression and homelessness. Stoll found a flat for Terry when he was at his lowest. Through the foundation Stoll gave him, Terry was able to start putting his life back together, later becoming chairman of the Stoll Resident's Association. He is now married and is expecting his first child and is living in accommodation Stoll helped him to find, he is also running his own catering business. Terry gratefully remembers the role Stoll played in his life: “the security of knowing I had somewhere to stay for life really was the building blocks for me getting my life back on track.”

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